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Monthly, Bimonthly, or On-Call Hull Cleaning

Contact Channel Islands Diving Service, LLC in Oxnard, California for service inquiries and requests. Let us know which service frequency you prefer.

Recommended Service Frequency

Warmer Months: May - Nov (Monthly)

Cooler Months: Dec - April (Bi-monthly)

Important Reminders

  • Once you are signed up for hull cleaning, it may take up to 2 weeks before your initial service is completed.
  • Because we do not work on weekends or holidays, it is typical for your service to be about 8 days behind each month.
  • Summer months are the busiest for us, so please be patient if your service is late. We will get back to you, as quickly as possible.
  • Heavy rains delay hull servicing tasks due to water contamination. Once the weather eases up, however, we resume services.

Springtime Growth Example on an Outdrive



Basic Hull Cleaning Rates

  • Powerboats: $2.25 per Foot
  • Sailboats: $2.00 per Foot 
  • Outdrives: $35.00 Each + $1.75 per Foot
  • Small Boats/Electric: $35.00/Flat

Please note there are NO rate increases for bimonthly services.

Multi-Boat Discounts Available

Hourly Rate: $80.00

Rates are subject to change, and may increase depending on the condition of the bottom paint. 

Hull Cleaning 

Bottom paints are given ratings after services are rendered based on paint coverage and toxicity (anti-fouling effectiveness). Anodes are reported as being replaced, or assigned a percentage of material remaining. Paper tags are not left behind (unless you receive a paper invoice by mail) - customers receive a detailed written report in the body of their e-invoice, along with a topside photo of the vessel from the day of service.  Bottom paint ratings are categorized accordingly as:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

A fair rating warrants a repainting. Have it done as soon as possible to protect watercraft bottoms from further deteriorating. Beyond making bottom surfaces look great, repainting protects the permeable fiberglass of the hull.

Regular cleaning is also necessary to keep the anti-fouling properties of the paint active. If paint goes “dead” from lack of cleaning, hard growth can begin and potentially penetrate the coating.

Warmer months mean warmer water. Monthly cleaning is recommended during these times. Bi-monthly cleaning can be scheduled for cold water months.


Anode Replacement

Anode replacement is done as needed at an additional cost.

The anodes we use are made of zinc or aluminum. Research shows that zinc and cadmium (both metals are used in zinc anodes) pollute seawater and can be hazardous to the surrounding sea life.

We use aluminum anodes whenever possible as it has been proven to be more effective than zinc as a sacrificial anode. It is also lighter, causing less drag and vibration on prop shafts. In some cases, aluminum anodes cost less and usually last longer than zinc variants.

Anode Material Applications

  • Aluminum: Saltwater and Brackish 
  • Magnesium: Freshwater Only
  • Zinc: Saltwater Only

For more information on anodes, go to

Underwater Inspections (With Report and Video)

Underwater inspections, inclusive of a written report and video, are available by appointment for $75. Inspections are not meant to replace an actual hull survey, but are practical and an excellent alternative prior to purchasing a boat or for a haul-out. Please be informed that current customers receive this service free of charge.

Miscellaneous Services

  • Bottom-liner cleaning services are usually available biannually. Call us to learn more.
  • Find commercial vessel services at discounted rates. So that fishing boats spend a minimum of dock time, we do our best to act as promptly as possible.
  • Underside dock cleaning, inspection, and refloating services are also available. 
  • If you're getting ready to take the boat out of the water, call us first! Pre-hauling prep services are available by appointment only. Applicable labor rates vary depending on vessel size and condition.

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